Get Ready to Run!

Please read the items on this page for the latest information on Spinx Run Fest.
First, a letter from Stewart...


VIP Drive Thru Packet Pick Up

VIP drive-thru packet pick up is on Thursday October 25th, 4:00pm to 8:00pm at Carolina Triathlon, 123 Welborn Street (off Hudson Street just west of downtown). The service is FREE for Marathoners, and for other event participants who PAID for it at sign-up. We will have your packet ready, but we ask that you not pick up for more than 5 individuals or the system will bog down. Enter Welborn Street from Hudson Street and follow closely behind the vehicle in front of you. We will get your information as you approach the pick-up tent, and a runner will bring your packet including the shirt size listed on your registration. Note: We do not allow shirt size changes at packet pick-up. You will have the opportunity to exchange for a different shirt size after the race.

Friday Packet Pick Up

Friday Packet Pick Up will be at Carolina Triathlon located at 123 Welborn Street from Noon to 7:30pm. All parking will be on Welborn Street adjacent to the store. Unless you already have the information (from the race timer's email blast), please stop at the front of the store to find out your BIB NUMBER before you go to the pick-up tables. If you are collecting for more than 5 people, come to the GROUP PICK UP table. This will allow the normal pick up tables to run more smoothly. Note: We do not allow shirt size changes at packet pick-up. You will have the opportunity to exchange for a different shirt size after the race.

Spinx Run Fest EXPO

The EXPO is Friday at Carolina Traithlon during the same hours as packet pick up. Vendors will be displaying their goods and services inside and outside the store. IF YOU ARE A VENDOR, please arrive before 9am and get set up before we open the doors at Noon.

Friday Parking

All parking for Friday Packet Pick Up and the SRF EXPO will be on Welborn Street adjacent to Carolina Triathlon. Enter Welborn Street from Hudson Street. Cones will be placed across Welborn Street near Carolina Tri to reduce congestion at the store entrance.


Race Day Parking

Downtown construction is going full tilt so finding parking around the stadium will be extremely difficult.If you attempt to park close to the stadium, keep in mind that police have placed NO PARKING signs on the entirety of S. Main Street from Pendleton Street to Augusta Street and on Rhett Street from Pendleton to River Street. You might be able to find side street parking north of the stadium but it will be very limited.

To avoid the hassle, PLEASE PARK AT GREENVILLE COUNTY SQUARE, 301 University Ridge, located about 1/4 mile east of the stadium. We will have a shuttle bus running starting at 6:00am.


Race Day Packets, Registration, Gear Check

Race Day Packet pick up is at FLUOR FIELD, 945 S. Main Street, from 6:00am to 8:00am.  Come in the main entrance at S. Main Street and you will see the tables.

YES, there is race day registration, but come early! Race day registration will close at 7:15am for the Marathon & Half Marathon, 7:45 for the 10K and 8:00am for the 5K and Kids Run. Please bring cash or check to expedite payment.

Gear Check is inside the main gate near the registration area from 6:00am to 8:00am. PLEASE BE AWARE THAT FLUOR FIELD HAS A CLEAR BAG POLICY. Please use the clear bag we supplied you at packet pick up, or you may supply your own. Write your race bib number on the outside of the bag (we will supply markers), put your gear in the bag and give it to the attendant. DO NOT STORE ANY VALUABLES IN YOUR BAG!


Start Lines & Start Times

The start line for the MARATHON, HALF MARATHON, BIG PUNKIN 5K and KIDS RUN is on Field Street. Look for the truss with the red START banner. Runners will line up facing west and run toward Vardry Street.

IMPORTANT! The start line for the Downtown 10K is on Markley Street. Look for the truss with the white START banner. Runners will line up facing north and run toward S. Main Street.


Marathon and Half Marathon - 7:30am
Downtown 10K - 8:00am
Big Punkin 5K - 8:15am
Spunky Kids Run - 8:20am

Course Notes (Tricky Turns)

See the MAPS page for the updated course maps. The online maps take priority over all printed maps, so make sure to go by these PLOTAROUTE maps.

Key areas to watch out for include:

#1 - (All Races) Rough pavement on Rhett Street. PLEASE USE CAUTION AS YOU RUN DOWN RHETT STREET. There is a lot of construction going on and the street is in bad shape. The City promises to put down a new layer of asphalt after the buildings are complete, but that won't happen for another year.

#2 - (All Races) Limited trail width between McDaniel pedestrian bridge and River Walk. All races will share the Swamp Rabbit Trail between the McDaniel pedestrian bridge and River Walk. IF YOU ARE A SLOWER RUNNER, PLEASE KEEP RIGHT AND LET FASTER RUNNERS PASS ON THE LEFT.

#3 - (Marathon, HM & 10K) Trail closed at the Jet. The Swamp Rabbit Trail is closed for remodeling just north of the Anderson Memorial (the Jet). The detour will take runners to Ridgeland Drive and then to the entrance of the Cancer Survivors Park. USE CAUTION AS YOU ENTER THE SURVIVORS PARK AS YOU WILL NEED TO NEGOTIATE A CURB RAMP AND SEVERAL SHARP TURNS.

#4 - (Marathon and HM) Race split at the Swamp Rabbit Cafe. Be on the lookout for where the races split at the Swamp Rabbit Cafe. The Marathon will continue straight on the Swamp Rabbit Trail. The Half Marathon will turn left into the cafe parking lot and then go right on Pete Hollis Boulevard.

#5 - (10K) Follow YELLOW pavement arrows. 10K runners will be running a shorter distance in Cleveland Park versus the Marathon and HM runners. Make sure to follow the YELLOW pavement arrows at these locations:  1) Go straight on Lakehurst when you first enter Cleveland Park, and 2) At the double bridges, take the SECOND bridge.

#6 - (5K) Sharp right turn at Japanese Dogwood Lane and narrow entrance to pedestrian bridge. As you come down Falls Street, prepare for a very sharp right turn onto Japanese Dogwood Lane. Then prepare for the narrow sidewalk leading up to the pedestrian bridge. Call out to slower runners if you elect to pass them at these locations, but it will be better if you just slow up and wait for a wider section before making your move.

Course Monitors, Marking, Directions & Mileage

The courses have many turns, as usual for most races in Greenville. There will be police officers and course monitors at key locations to keep runners going in the right direction. All turns will have pavement markings, signage or both. SPLIT POINTS WILL HAVE AMPLE SIGNAGE, MARKINGS AND MONITORS BUT PLEASE FAMILIARIZE YOURSELF WITH THE SPLIT POINT LOCATIONS BEFORE THE RACE!

The preferred method used to mark the course is pavement arrows consisting of white tape or white paint. The arrows will be fresh and obvious. DISREGARD ANY FADED OR WORN-OUT LOOKING MARKINGS!

We will also place directional arrow signs staked in the ground. The signs are roughly 18” X 12” with a black directional arrow on a white background. The first rule of navigation is to look for the pavement arrow first. If you don’t see a pavement arrow, then look for a directional sign. If no pavement markings or directional signs exist, then keep going straight.

Mile markers are similar in size to the directional arrows. We can’t guarantee a mile marker at every mile. It is confusing to place 5K and 10K mile markers where the courses overlap the Marathon or HM, so you will not see 5K mile markers past mile 1 or 10K mile markers past mile 2. We will place mile markers for the Marathon at every mile except 26, and every mile except 13 for the HM.


Aid Stations and Toilets

The Marathon has a total of 8 aid stations with the course doubling back so runners pass an aid station every 2-3 miles. The HM has a total of 5 aid stations. The 10K has 2 aid stations and the 5K has one aid station. PLEASE REFER TO THE ONLINE MAPS FOR AID STATION LOCATIONS DESIGNATED WITH AN "A" SYMBOL. All aid stations will offer a choice of water or Gatorade.

The Marathon, HM, 10K and 5K have multiple restrooms and portable toilet locations. PLEASE REFER TO THE ONLINE MAPS FOR TOILET LOCATIONS DESIGNATED WITH A "T" SYMBOL.

Medical Attention

Spinx Run Fest is proud to have Bon Secours St. Francis Sports Medicine at our event. If you or somebody else is having difficulty on the course, help is only a short distance away. If a runner needs help, please relay the information to someone at the nearest aid station. They will call St. Francis Sports Medicine.

Non-urgent care is available on the stadium concourse. Please ask a volunteer and they will direct you there.


Post-Race Activities

The finish line can get to be a crowded place. PLEASE KEEP WALKING AFTER YOU FINISH. If you're a Marathon or HM finisher, you will receive a medal and special souvenir. If you're a 10Ker or 5Ker, you will get a souvenir. Collect your medal and/or souvenir and proceed up the stairs to the concourse. On the concourse, you will be directed to the refreshment area on the patio below the 500 Club where you can enjoy sandwiches, cookies, fresh fruit and yogurt provided by Spinx. After getting a snack, visit the vendor booths along the concourse to shop or chat, get a massage, or find a spot in the bleachers to view the festivities.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Post race food for marathoners only is located at the 500 Club.

Race Awards

The race timer has promised to give us the awards lists for each race as soon as they are available. If you finish in the top three for male or female in your race, please stick around. You will be called to first base to receive your special award from Stewart Spinks.

The approximate schedule for presenting the race awards is as follows:
5K - 9:15am
10K - 9:30am
HM - 10:15am
Marathon - 11:00am

Lost & Found

Spinx Run Fest is a hectic place and sometimes people and things can get lost in the shuffle. If you get separated from your child, please let a volunteer know and they will take prompt action to locate your child and arrange a rendezvous. If your phone, camera, car key, or other prized possession goes missing, or if you find a lost item, please come to the Elvis Awards Stage near the main entrance and we will make an announcement.

Spinx Run Fest is produced by the Greenville Track Club - running strong since 1972. Click on the GTC logo for information on upcoming events and join the club and get discounts on all our races!

Spinx Run Fest would not happen without the Spinx Corporation, our title sponsor since day one. With their generous support, the Greenville Track Club has been able to make SRF a huge success. Thank you Stewart!

Bon Secours Sports Medicine has supported our race every year. You're in good hands with Rodney, Blair, Ryan, and the other dedicated professionals from Bon Secours. Remember to call 675-HURT if you need help with your sports injury.

Race management services, equipment, promotional support and more - give Ed a call at (864) 202-2470 if you need help with your event!